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Tuesday, 8-Feb-2011 12:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy 3rd Birthday Aniq!!

My nephew just celebrated his 3rd birthday. His birthday was on the 25th of Jan but the celebration was held on the 30th since 25th is a weekday. Here are some pics.

p/s: I don't know why the writings are kind of smeared on the web. In my pc, it looked okay.

The birthday boy

Aniq and his daddy


Aniq a bit sulky after crying for his mommy and daddy

Aniq blowing the candles

Aniq with his family - Mummy, Daddy and his baby sister, Afifah

Friday, 14-Jan-2011 02:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Starting 2011...

I know it is a bit late to bid farewell to 2010. But I'd like to do so formally since 2010 has been filled with happy moments. From graduation in the month of January, getting a new niece in May and mostly working in a new department with new colleagues and responsibilities plus adapting to the new (but familiar) duties is just showing that life continues as usual. Always expect the unexpected but what 2010 has taught me is to live your life and enjoy it day by day.

Entering 2011, on the 7th day of 2011, I was fortunate to participate in the Teambuilding course conducted in Taman Negara, Pahang. When I first heard about it, I was a bit worried since there would be activities that require oneself to be fit. I mean, who goes to Taman Negara just for the course conducted in a seminar room right? And after being on a break from the daily routine of exercising (yeah, right), who wouldn't be worried.

But as it turns out, I am quite surprised myself. I made it even though it is not as complicated as some may say, but hey, for someone my size, hiking and climbing is somewhat an achievement. Not to mention having the guts to cross the Canopy walkway where in your head, you are constantly worried and wondering whether or not the canopy walkway would give in on you once you set foot on it! And another constant worry is whether the boat for rapid shooting can stand your weight. But in the end, it was worth it. I had fun and wanted to go again. Here are some of the pics throughout the whole course.

The whole team all eager to begin the outdoor activity

On the way to the Tembeling River for the Rapid Shooting and Visit to Orang Asli's village

The boat that took us to the Orang Asli's village and rapid shooting

All excited to begin the journey

"Time to get you guys soaking" - one of the rangers accompanying the group

All soaking wet listening to the explanation given at the Orang Asli's Village

Demo on hunting using the blow pipe

The Batek Negritos - among the families in the huts

Getting ready for the jungle tracking and the canopy walk on the third day - 9.00 am

Posing before the start of the jungle tracking and the canopy walk

Halfway through tracking and a couple of minutes away from the Canopy Walkway[i]

[i]At the starting point of the Canopy Walkway

The canopy walkway - standing on one of the platforms to wait for my turn to continue

Waiting for the person in front of me to reach the 5th meter marker before I step on the next canopy bridge

Climbing up higher on the walkway

Smiling with glee after completing the walkway

Thursday, 31-Dec-2009 09:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Goodbye 2009...

As the evening approaches the sunset, it will soon be night. The last rays of sunlight for 2009. Tomorrow will be a new beginning of a new year. 2010. How time flies sooo fast. Have I achieved my 2009 resolution? Only a couple I guess. All in all, it has been a great year for me. Loads of memories, couple of time tumbling down and hitting rock bottom, as well as climbing back up. Well, that's what you do when you fall. Climb and find your way up. And this year too, I've managed to travel to countries that I've only dreamed of before. Meeting new friends and finding the kid in me again. And the most important thing is that I've become more matured.

This last day of 2009 is also my mum's birthday. Happy birthday mama. i hope that I have done you proud.

And now it's time to bid farewell 2009. I had a great year. Welcome 2010! I hope that I'll have more great days in 2010.

Saturday, 26-Dec-2009 14:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Boxing Day.. Yeay!!

How I miss waking up early just to travel to outlets to shop on boxing day. Even though I've only experience the shopping spree once, but I really miss it. Here, there and every where in the outlets, usually the early faces waiting there would be Malaysian. Hehe.. anyway, this year, on Boxing Day, I didn't do any shopping since I've managed to kind of finish my money on the Singapore day trip last week. The trip was actually just to visit Singapore + attend a friend's wedding in JB, but ended up in splurging quite a sum in Arab Street. . Now I kind of regret the expenditure, but kind of found it worth. Next thing to do, send the materials to the tailor (err.. my last shopping spree in Bandung and Jakarta last year ended up with my buying 12 pieces of lace and they're still in the form of material.. my friends said that I can have a spread of the wedding reception, 6 days and 6 nights with the amount.. haha)..

Puan N has spotted the street to shop clothing materials. In the background, the project manager, JUSA B contract is eyeing the group.

Another delegate from the trip smiled with glee upon arriving on Orchard Road

Christmas decor along Orchard Road

See these two.. they just can't wait for the retail therapy.. hahaha

Thursday, 26-Nov-2009 03:27 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Currently, I feel lost. Lost in my own world. Just don't know what I want in life anymore. Success? Happiness? Recognition? I just don't know. Maybe I am tired of the temporary things. And maybe it's high time to focus on permanent things. Time is flying by so fast. I just can't get the clear images that pass by anymore. Only blurry images.

Is this a sign of boredom? Or is this a sign of giving up? Or maybe it is a sign of maturity?

I just need to think positive, like I've always done.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all.

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